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Administrative formalities

Multi-risk accommodation insurance for your student accommodation

We offer you multi-risk accommodation insurance at very competitive rates of just €2.40 /month*

No additional formalities are necessary. Your insurance will automatically end on the date of departure. All administrative formalities are undertaken by Nexity Studéa in the event of any claim so as to make your formalities easier. The insurance offers you extra cover in the residence and surroundings.

*Not available in the following Studéa residences: Cergy Université 1 / Cergy Université 2 / Lyon Ouest 2 / Hauts-de Seine / Charpennes 1 / Toulouse Ouest / Bordeaux Ouest

However, if you want to take out your own insurance policy, you must provide a multi-risk accommodation insurance policy by the latest on the date you move in.

Choosing an electricity provide for your student accommodation

When you move in to the apartment, do not forget to take out an electricity contract in your name.

You can now find out more, and compare offers which best suit you on the websites of major energy providers: Direct Energie, EDF, Engie, Total Spring, ENI…

When you move in to your student accommodation, don’t forget to change your address

Do not forget to send your new address to all bodies and authorities likely to send you mail.

You can use the online address change service offered by the government on the Public Service website under “Private Individuals” – “Your Entitlements”.

This free service will also allow you to inform several public and private bodies of a private postal acres, email address, landline number and mobile number notably: for your vehicle registration document, social security offices, the post office, the job centre, tax office, etc.

The Post Office also offers a mail forwarding service to your new address for between 6 to 12 months.

Our advice for students from abroad

- Campus France – Dedicated support for foreign students coming to study in France

Campus France is a French agency promoting higher education in France and welcoming foreign students. It can notably inform you about French higher education and assist you in preparing applications. However, it also guides you in visa and grant applications.

- France Alumni– the French social network for foreign alumni having studied in France

The France Alumni platform puts former alumni and researchers into contact, as well as higher education institutes and companies.

Welcome desks are organised in universities in the major cities, find out more

- In your local police station

You should also contact your local police station who can provide documentation for your move to France.

Opening a student bank account

If you are a student and are under 25 years old, there are many banks who offer beneficial rates and packages.

It can take several weeks to open an account. Make sure you do it before you arrive!

When you visit a bank, these are the documents that are most frequently required to open an account:

 - An identity document 
- Proof of residence - Proof of rental payment – A certificate of accommodation or invoice as proof of payment - If you are not European, your residency permit

Social security and student health insurance:

If you are a student and are under 28 years old, you must make a declaration with the social security as a student in France.

For European students under 28 years old, simply make a request for a European health insurance card in your home country, your current health insurance regime will be applicable in France.

You can use the online address change service offered by the government on the Public Service website under "Private Individuals" – "Your Entitlements".