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Student accommodations in Roubaix

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Student housing in Roubaix

Has the atmosphere of the North seduced you and now you’d like to settle there to pursue your higher education? Make your wish possible by choosing to rent student housing in Roubaix! Located just 10 minutes from the metropolis by metro, the city of Roubaix will imbue you with the same Lille atmosphere. All conditions are met to rent your student housing in Roubaix. If you haven’t decided yet, here are some arguments that will tip the scales.

Choose to rent a student accommodation in Roubaix to study in Lille

With nearly 100,000 students in the city of Lille alone, the festive atmosphere brought by the youth is limitless and easily extends to neighbouring cities including Roubaix. If you haven’t been able to find student housing within the city of Lille, our Nexity Studéa student residences in Roubaix are at your disposal to offer you the same level of comfort.

Public transport is close to our student apartments in Roubaix, so you can easily join your evening companions in the city centre and enjoy the cafés and bars spreading a warm and friendly "ch'ti" atmosphere in the streets of Lille.

The advantages of renting housing in a student residence in Roubaix

Like all large student cities, rents often exceed the standard which can strongly deter students or make the experience painfully costly. Opt for student housing in Roubaix to avoid feeling the price hike, while enjoying the benefits of life in Lille.

Our Nexity Studéa student residences in Roubaix offer many services, some of which are included: the cafeteria, the study room, unlimited free Internet in your rental unit, a laundry room and even rental of dishes if you decide to invite friends to eat in your student housing.

As valid for the city of Lille as for the city of Roubaix, its proximity to major European cities such as London, Brussels or Amsterdam is a considerable advantage for any student who loves to travel. A great asset when considering studying in the North and a source of inspiration for organising trips with friends.

Have these arguments convinced you to rent a student apartment? So, wait no longer and reserve your spot in one of our student residences in Roubaix!